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Kindle Direct Publishing – A Boon to Writers

News Flash! Ebooks are hot!!

Really, it’s no secret that eBooks are increasing in popularity and making millionaires of writers of all stripes, many of whom have never had a book published in the traditional way.

Is this a good thing?

Of course it is.

Now, I, for one, would mourn as much as anyone if bookstores and traditional book publishing went the way of video rental stores, and there has been some of that kind of talk floating around the internet in recent days.

I don’t see books disappearing from the world, though. Do you? Books have been around just slightly longer than movie DVDs, which have been around just slightly longer than movie videocassettes.

Still, the passing of Borders does give one pause, although I don’t take the loss of one bookstore chain as indicating a soon-to-come disappearing act for all bookstores and “real” books.

Ebooks, though, in my mind, demonstrate a strength in the reading and writing world. Just as we’ve gotten used to getting information instantaneously on the internet, we’ve begun to get used to finding that story we want to read right now, well, right now.

Downloading eBooks shows the strength of reading and should provide succor to writers and prospective writers everywhere.

One prime example of the new world order in reading and writing is Kindle’s Direct Publishing platform.

If you can figure out how to upload a document file, you can find your book on the world market of readers as quickly as 1,2,3.

And, if you’re into making money from your writing, the royalties you can earn from sales of Kindle eBooks is extraordinary. Although some writers opt for lower or higher prices, the price range of $2.99 to $9.99 is the new sweet spot for eBook writers interested in the Kindle platform–it provides for royalties of 70%. Take that, traditional publishers!

If you have a novel collecting dust in your desk drawer, you might want to take it out, blow the dust off it, and upload it for sale under the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Who knows, you might be the next “instant” millionaire writer.